Sections - Cabin Boys

A very warm welcome to our Cabin Boy web page.

Cabin Boys meet on Tuesday night and the boys take part in: painting, playdoh, cookery, nursery rhymes, singing, team games, singing games, Bible stories, stories, ball games, assault course, action games and keep fit.

We're delighted this year that one of our Company Section boys, Alastair McCracken is helping us.

We are very grateful to parents for all the support they give us during the year i.e. Penny Jar, Enrolment Service, Shoe Box Appeal, Games Day.

This autumn, with Christmas in mind, we helped children less fortunate than our own.

Following on from our success over the past years we have decided to continue supporting the Shoe Box Appeal, but this time we're sending our shoe boxes to The Potter's House in Romania. What started off as a small "project" for our Cabin Boys, has grown into a massive effort by the whole Elmwood Congregation.

This year, our sponsored games event will probably be in February. The boys really enjoy the games and other activities whilst raising funds for the company.

Week by week boys bring pennies for our Penny Jar. Money raised in 2009 (100) has been donated to the Leprosy Mission.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement during the years and above all we thank God for his guidance as we, the Leaders, work with the boys week by week.