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We are indebted to David McKechnie, an Old Boy of the Company and Officer, for the considerable time and effort he has given to producing such professional and comprehensive work.

Whether, you are an existing member, old boy, or just a casual visitor, I hope you will find the webpages interesting, and I would certainly welcome any comments, even if it’s just to say “hello”!

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Best Wishes to two of our young men who were discharged at the end of last session; Ross Anderson and Mark Shields.

We also thank one of our officers, Maureen Moore, as she steps down as Leader-in-Charge of Anchor Boys. Having completed her KGVI course, Nicola McEvoy leaves us temporarily as she follows a course at Dundee University.

We welcome some new leaders/helpers: Alison Heasly and Michael Shields, and thank George Webster for stepping in to lead Anchor Boys. Arran Crossey has continued our KGVI tradition and has been away on part 1 of the course over the summer.

We urgently need a gymnastics coach for our Company Section for an hour on 10 Tuesday nights during the year. If anyone can help, please contact the Captain @

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